Youth Football Practice Number 12

Our first practice of week 5 was primarily an offensive practice. The line worked on pulling and targeting their linebacker target from their initial drop step. They worked on finishing those pull blocks off as well as pass blocking and double team blocking.

The backs worked on pass catching progressions, gauntlet drills and passing game skeletons. In all these drills the center is working with the quarterbacks and the pace is extremely fast with one rep ufabet บอลออนไลน์ every 8-10 seconds. The backs moved to passing game skeleton drills ( just backs). In two receiver pass patterns we had both quarterbacks throwing, in 3-4 receiver passing patterns we added a coach throwing so all receivers got a chance to catch the ball on every rep. All of these reps we required the players to fit the ball into the proper ball protection mode and take the ball 10 yards up the field before running the ball back to the coaches at full speed. When going at very high rep speed of 1 play every 15 seconds, ( coach always calling cadence to force the pace) and subbing new players in on every rep, this ended up not only being a very good technique and timing improvement session, but we also got some conditioning in.

During team we added the victory formation, something we get into the last few snaps to safely run out the clock. The wingback is moved to 7 yards behind the quarterback and the 3 back and fullback are to the side and slightly in front of the quarterback.

We also put in our spike play, to stop the clock and practiced the heck out of it.

Lastly we put in our “Hail Mary” last play of the game play.

We ended up with about 50 minutes of full team offensive reps on air and coaches with shield s at the point of attack, with subs coming in every single play.

Thursday will be defense and special teams.