Modern Childhood: Are Virtual Pets a Game Changer?

You surely remember the times, not so long ago, actually, when each family had their own landline. To call your friend to come out to play, you had to wait for the right moment; you didn’t want to alter the house rules.

Now your kids can select one of the many apps on their smartphone and stay in touch with their friends whenever they want. It’s not uncommon for kids to get a little carried away and addicted to texting.

What our parents bothered at the dinner tables was mainly related to our posture: sit up straight and take your elbows off the table. Today, parents around the world know that this list of objections has become much longer and that it is mainly based on the proper use of smartphones.

Different options and opportunities

Today, the entertainment and learning options for children are vastly different and significantly broader. There is a whole market dedicated to apps for kids so they can play great games and expand their knowledge without even realizing it. The apps can even help you take care of your health. The last group is probably the most important – busy parents can stop worrying because their kid’s smartphone app can remind them when to take their medications.

Are the “modern kids” getting lost?

Pets are often one of the best childhood memories. Having a living being that grows by your side and loves you no matter what it is is an irreplaceable experience. But that’s not just a one-way street – pets teach you what it’s like to take care of someone and care about other people’s needs.

Virtual pet games really changed this. Your child can simply download one or several different pet games and play with them on the screen. This new experience can be confusing and many parents have doubts when it comes to virtual pets. Despite many studies and research, the question of the quality of life that children of the “new age” have remains unanswered and we often wonder if the little ones are missing it today.

It’s actually the other way around

However, it seems that not all games are bad for children, or at least not in their entirety. Has anyone ever told you how much they wanted a pet, but the parents couldn’t afford one or the living arrangements wouldn’t allow it? Thanks to smartphone apps, every child can have a pet. We’re not just talking about cats and dogs now, but also fictional pets like dragons and even protected species like pandas.

If you give them a chance, you will find that some of these virtual pets tend to be more serious than you expected. When it comes to most of them, you need to take care of a virtual pet like you would a real one to make it happy. So feeding it, taking it to the bathroom and playing with it are a must for a virtual pet to be happy.

What’s more, you never really know when your kids are mature enough to have a real pet of their own, so it’s best to put them to the test first. These apps are probably the best way to go. Just check your child’s virtual pet every day to see if she is fed, clean and happy and it will be much easier to make a decision.

Parents all over the world are practically thrown into the fire of raising the first generation of children who have the entire internet at their fingertips. As it has always been, there is no one perfect recipe and no one can really tell you what to do to raise your children properly in the digital age. However, be sure to do your research before saying no to something because it could actually be something incredibly good and useful.