Making Sense of the AFC

For the past couple of years, picking an AFC champion at the beginning of the NFL season has been like trying to figure out where the stock market is going to be in six months. Sure, a team might look good but who knows what they are going to look like when the Super Bowl comes around. Will San Diego finally stop their playoff disappointment? Can Indianapolis turn their recent domination into another Super Bowl title? Can the Patriots stay injury free for a whole season? And how about Baltimore and Pittsburgh- can great defenses carry teams that have questionable offenses? All of these questions can be answered on paper, but frankly you’ll have to watch football online or on your TV for 17 weeks to get any type of answer that isn’t just a guess.

Here is the thing: when it comes to front runners in the AFC you can easily make a case how each one of them WON’T make it to the big game. Indianapolis is the defending AFC champions, but after last year’s Super Bowl loss they suddenly don’t look as invincible as they once were. The San Diego Chargers lost a lot of big names this off season can this perennial under performing team continue to win in the regular season without them? The Ravens and the Steelers have the firepower to make it to the big game, but both have deficiencies that you just can’t ignore. Out of the favorites the Colts seem to have the most complete team to make it to Super Bowl XLV in February, but make sure you watch football online and on your big screen when the Ravens come on as they seem to be a popular expert pick also.

As for sleeper teams, there are a few “sexy” choices out there for who will take the AFC crown. The Chief’s and number five overall pick Eric  ufabet เว็บออนไลน์อันดับ1 Berry has some who watch football online for a living penciling the team in for a playoff appearance. The Denver Broncos and first round draft pick Tim Tebow also may turn some heads- as long as they can put all the pieces together to make a run. In the East, many believe that both the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets could turn a few heads thanks to solid drafts and veteran players. And in Tennessee, can the Titans continue to build on last seasons strong second half to go deep in the playoffs?

Regardless of who ends up victorious, this should be a great season to gather some friends and watch football online or on your big screen. With so many question marks for so many big name teams, don’t be surprised if you see a team like the Jets of the Titans represent the AFC in Dallas next February.