Brain Supplements and Memory Loss – Which Ingredients Are Essential to Improve Memory Performance?

As we hurtle through an increasingly complex, technological driven, age of multi-tasking and constant social updating more and more of us across the globe are turning to natural brain supplements, mood stabilizers and memory boosters to help deal with age related mental decline, improve brain performance and increase competitive advantage. With this increase in demand in the brain supplement market so too has there been a corresponding increase in supply of brain supplement brands available both online and in health stores. The problem therefore is now one of choice and the prevailing question I am asked is which of the many available supplements for the brain is the best for me?

In order to answer this question I will produce a series of articles outlining the essential ingredients to look for in any brain supplement to help with different aspects of mental health – memory loss, depression and anxiety or how to focus and concentrate.

5 Essential Brain Supplement Ingredients to Prevent Memory Loss

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) – This effective free radical has been shown to deliver improved memory performance and protection against memory loss and other neurological disorders in a number of small animal studies conducted since the 1960’s. Although few robust human studies have been undertaken to confirm the findings in previous animal studies Alpha Lipoic Acid is sometimes recommended to patients in order to alleviate symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease with positive results.

L Carnitine – ALC helps make acetylcholine which is the primary neurotransmitter needed for memory function. A number of animal studies have shown that L- Carnatine helps improve memory task performance, while at the same time improving the kinetic function of brain cells. L- Carnatine is particularly effective when combined with Alpha Lipoic Acid and there is considerable anecdotal evidence that this combination of the two is an effective way to boost brain performance and significantly improve memory over time.

D-Phenylalanine (DLPA) – A number of recent studies have shown a strong link between the presence of DLPA in an individual’s diet and their ability to prevent and in many cases begin to reverse the symptoms of age related mental decline.

Trimethyglycine (TMG) – Has been shown in a large number of both clinical and non-clinical studies to support healthy homocysteine levels which in turn support brain function and improve memory performance Buy Mind Lab Pro over the long term

Choline Bitartrate – Is critcal for making acetylcholine, which is the brains primary neurotransmitter that is involved with memory and thought processes. Research- as cited from the Developmental Neuroscience article “Choline, A Vital Amine” concludes that there is hope that “… choline… may improve human cognitive development and slow cognitive declines associated with aging.”

In conclusion while the above list of 5 essential ingredients are indicators of what to look for when considering the right brain supplement or memory booster to increase brain performance, there are a number of other important factors to consider.Take advice and read testimonials but most of all research the best combination of ingredients to assist easing your particular symptoms. With a little focused research it becomes possible to navigate through the maze of brain supplements, mood stabilisers and memory boosters available today and achieve significant increases in brain power even as we age.